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History before the occupation:

Jeroa is a young continent, with a history that isn’t much longer than 2400 years. The massive country of Borgira had claimed the entire continent, as well as various provinces in the larger continent to the West. They were a military focused country, and their army was stronger than any other on the planet. King Vincent intended to use his powerful army to conquer as much land for his Kingdom. In the year 2280, the 5 southern cities grew tired of answering to a King, and split from the four cities north of them. They formed the country Opraxon, with Fengra as their capitol.

Vincent, enraged by the cities betrayal, began training more soldiers. Holy warriors, clerics, paladins, and fighters joined. They waged war on Opraxon. But Opraxon had warriors of their own, and they had more arcane magic on their side. They were able to hold off the military power, and declared their independence from Borgira. The two countries lived in a tense ceasefire for 65 years. King Vincent died in 2345 at the age of 90, and his son Dominic took the throne. Dominic had little desire for another war with Opraxon, and instead focused his efforts on the Western Kingdom, across the ocean. Dominic managed to conquer the entire continent during his reign, and then his son Dominus took the throne in 2380. Dominus was unsuccessful as a King, and fell ill in 2405. He died shortly afterwards, and a regent lord ruled the country until 2409, at which time King Carolus took the throne.

When Carolus took the throne, everything changed between Borgira and Opraxon. All diplomatic ties were broken, and Borgira closed their borders to everyone. And after a few months, the Borgiran army invaded Opraxon once again. Their army was much stronger than before, and it seemed that Borgira would succeed in annexing the country. But their campaign was cut short.

Orcus, the Demon Lord of Undead, had waged war on the continent many times in the past. The origin of his hatred has long been forgotten. Orcus sent his army to the material plane once again, and the mortal races were quickly overwhelmed. The Borgiran army retreated back to the north, and left Opraxon to fend for themselves. Borgira walled themselves off in their cities, and bunkered down. Opraxon was occupied. The citizens of Opraxon are currently living under the rule of several demonic and undead overlords. Lesser demons and undead function as guards and police, and keep the citizens from rising up.

The Overlords of Opraxon became bored with ruling over humans, and developed a grisly game to play with each other. Using the mortal races as forced soldiers, they try to conquer each other’s territory. The abilities of the people chosen aren’t taken into account, and many of them die because they aren’t capable of killing another person. The stronger people are killed if they refuse to participate. Many mortals began to enjoy the game, and use their abilities to slaughter people for their overlord’s amusement. In return, these people, called “Breakers”, are given privileges normal humans aren’t given. The Overlords see them as pets, and take pride in getting the best Breakers they can.

Normal citizens try to go on living their lives as normal, and cherish every day that they aren’t picked to participate in the games.

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