God’s Soul

The continent of Jeroa is in turmoil. 8 years ago, the Demon Lord Orcus used his massive army of undead and demons to invade the material plane. The Northern country of Borgira is in a constant state of siege, barely defending their walls. The Southern Country Opraxon is entirely occupied. Demonic and Undead overlords use humans as tools to gain advantages over the others, for sport. They treat the country as a large chess game, and throw countless lives away trying to win land away from each other. With the mortal races at their knees, there is little hope for survival, let alone living a peaceful life.

Adventurers emerge from the huddled masses every couple years. Eventually, they all fall to the might of the demonic army. It seems as though the deities have abandoned this world, and the mortals must find their own strength. A new group of heroes will need to challenge the might of the Demon Lord.

God's Soul

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