The southernmost city on the continent. They have no official deity, but many people in the city secretly worship Besmara. Genta is a city of thieves, brigands, and pirates. Their location allows them to move more freely than anyone from the other cities. The pirates in the city mostly target smaller settlements and towns on the coast, as well as towns and cities in the Western Kingdom. Genta’s overlord is a powerful demon named Expael. Expael is somewhat passive in the games, and rarely takes people for them. He has a highly skilled band of Breakers, and uses them to control the citizens of Genta, along with his demons and undead.


Tria is located close to the center of Opraxon. Before the occupation, they were a cultural center, specializing in art and music. Their city deity is Arshea, though all practice of religion is banned. After the demons arrived, very few people had any desire to keep creating. Because of this, they’ve had to develop farming techniques that would work in the middle of a desert. But, Tria is still the poorest of all the cities in Opraxon. It’s Overlord is a fiendish undead called Ruziel. Since she has very little potential for Breakers, she uses quite a few citizens that are unfit for battle. Her army has the highest rate of casualties.


Mjonala is a mining town in the Northwest of Opraxon. It’s nestled deep within the Mjo mountain range, which extends midway through the continent, all the way to the Northern coast. Mjonala’s chosen god is Torag. There is a large population of dwarves in the city, as well as humans. The Overlord Tevadaxus reigns over Mjonala. One of the most powerful Overlords, he is able to control the entire city singlehandedly through fear. His army for the games is the most powerful, but their territory is too difficult to cross for the other armies, and Tevadaxus uses this to his advantage.


Fengra is near the border with Borgira, in a much more temperate area than Tria or Genta. Their population of elves is higher than any other cities’. Orcus’ Overlords see elves as more of a threat than humans. Fengra’s chosen deity was Desna. The city was known for their manufacturing of magical items, but creation of magic items is illegal now. They continue to make small trinkets and gold items, and weapons for their demonic police. Fengra’s Overlord is an incredibly powerful demon named Zasalael. With both a large population and some skilled Breakers, Zasalael’s army is only inferior to Tevadaxus’.


Kyrus is a shipping city in the Northeastern corner of Opraxon. Their city god was Cayden Calean. They crafted metal goods because there is a rich iron mine next to the city. They made a lot of arms and armor, but during the occupation they were only able to make arms and armor for the demonic lords. Crex, their Overlord, used the craftsmen as slaves, and then sold their works to the other lords for the games. Crex is a particularly bloodthirsty undead, and delights in killing mortals personally. For this reason, he does poorly in the games, as he never has a big enough army to stand a chance.



Symmetry is the most military minded city on the continent. They produce the best warriors and soldiers in the world. There was always an emphasis placed on strength, loyalty, and combat training. Unfortunately, they also inevitably produced a lot of mercenaries and assassins. Their chosen god is Gorum.


Kolmah is the capitol of Borgira. This is the city where King Carolus lives. They had a huge emphasis on manufacturing weapons and other tools of war. Their city deity was Iomedae.


Macegon is a smaller mining city in the North. They also had quite a bit of farmland. Their chosen god was Sarenrae. They have a few fighters, but they have more clerics and paladins than other types of warriors.


Tarala is a city of divine magic. Many paladins and clerics are born here. Arcane magic is fairly common as well. They’re a very religious city, and don’t necessarily have one god that a majority of the citizens worship. It’s a melting pot of all different religions, but evil worshippers were outcasts.The one god that seemed abnormal is Ihys. Though Ihys has been dead since the age of mortals began, he still has several worshippers in Tarala.


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