Important People

This is a list of all the important people you meet along your travels. I know that your memories suck, so this will probably come in handy.

Killian ???

The mysterious half-elf that is an expert of acting drunk, killing parrots (temporarily), and tricking adventurers into doing his dirty work. He’s an unbelievably handsome man who wears fine clothes and lives in a tiny hovel. And he seems to be a bit too cheerful for someone in the middle of an occupied city. Still, it does seem like there’s more to this stranger.

Johann, The True King

Johann is the true lord of the land, not like the faker in the North. He is a large Macaw Parrot with a brilliant range of colors in his feathers. This talking, immortal bird seems to be nothing but a nuisance to poor Killian. However, Johann did let slip a few facts that makes you think he knows more than he’s letting on. Also, one of you has earned his eternal hatred. That will probably end well.

Carolus Rex, Lord of the North

The name Carolus Rex is well-known, and feared in the South. Stories about the King stir up every once in a while. They say he’s almost seven feet tall, more than 300 pounds of pure muscle, with black hair and green eyes full of hatred. Many people say that he pays little attention the occupation, and is the only one who can cross the border between Opraxon and Borgira. These rumors are unconfirmed.

What is confirmed is his prowess in battle. Several people saw him fight when he first lead his army against they South. They couldn’t describe his techniques, or even what he used to fight. All they could describe was the devastation in his wake. He cracked the earth beneath their feet, boiled the streams and lakes, burned the vegetation, and annihilated anyone who stood in his way. When the demons first showed up, he lead his army back to the North. And the demons didn’t dare try to stop him. This earned him the nickname Carolus Rex. After the Tyrannosaurus.

Important People

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